Monday 2 April 2007

Regular screenings in Austria - EXTENDED!

We are glad to announce the first regular public screenings of "Every Step You Take" in Austrian cinemas!
(Click on the photos to get a larger view of the flyer that is on Vienna's streets, café's and clubs now!)

After its successful world premiere at Diagonale 07 film festival in March, "Every Step You Take" will be screened at select Austrian cinemas and locations starting in June.

The first cinema to screen the documentary is the "Schikaneder" cinema in Vienna. (Screenings at the "Leokino" cinema in Innsbruck have been delayed until fall this year.)

EXTENSION! Due to the success, three more screenings at the Schikaneder have been scheduled for the summer months. This time, they're gonna be "late night specials" at 11.00 pm.

Here are the NEW screening dates at the Schikaneder cinema (attention, times partially changed!):
• Friday, August 10, 23:00
• Friday, August 17, 23:00
• Friday, August 24, 23:00

• Sa, June 6, 19:00
• Tu, June 12, 21:00
• Tu, June 19, 19:00

This is the address of Schikaneder cinema:
Margaretenstraße 24
1040 Wien

Reservations online here or via phone: +43 (0)1 58 55 888, from 18:00 each day via +43 (0)1 58 52 867.

This film preview was shown on June 14, 2007 on Infoscreens all over Vienna's Underground stations.

On June 1, there was a special screening of Nino Leitner's award-winning short "Auszeit" (it was awarded with the Best Tyrolean Short Film prize by the public television's Short on Screen short film competition) at the ORF Kulturhaus Tyrol in Innsbruck as part of the "Night of Tyrolean Short Film". As a bonus at the very end, there was a free screening of "Every Step You Take" - both films were very well received by the audience!

Check some photos of the interview with ORF host Thomas Arbeiter here, and a video of the (German) interview right below:

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