Wednesday 28 March 2007

World Premiere: One out of 5 most popular DIAGONALE films, SOLD OUT twice!

The film has premiered at the DIAGONALE 07 - FESTIVAL OF AUSTRIAN FILM, in Graz/Austria, 19th - 25th March 2007.

Both first screenings of the film on 21st and 23rd March at the Schubert Kino in Graz, were sold out completely!

But not enough: The audience has made "Every Step You Take" one out of 5 finalists for the new DIAGONALE AUDIENCE AWARD, so it is one of five most popular films of the entire film festival.

42 films were in this competition, and "Every Step You Take" is the only finalist which had absolutely no funding or production company!

The Audience Award has finally been won by "Vienna's Lost Daughters" by Mirjam Unger, an amazing documentary about eight strong women who have fled the Nazis as little girls from Vienna and live in New York now.

Click one of the photos or here for the full photo gallery of the world premiere of "Every Step You Take".

EVERY STEP YOU TAKE is now in its festival submission phase.

Please check back regularly for updates on when and where else it will be shown. It will also be screened and/or released in the UK.


Anonymous said...

We are willing to challenge the opposition to the use of CCTV by introducing selective protection on two ends: perimeter control and object removal/ un attended baggage. Uses which CCTV was aim at rather then the trailer suggestions. We are more then willing to attend the premiere if we will be allowed to speak among the speakers.

Uzi Avisar

Nino Leitner said...

Dear Mr. Avisar,

For enquiries of any kind please contact us via


Anonymous said...

The historic city centre of Graz was awarded World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in more