Monday 22 October 2007

Recent international festival dates


In November 2007, EVERY STEP YOU TAKE was screened in competition at WT Os International Film Festival in the town of Os in Norway. It was one among only four documentaries nominated for the Best Documentary award!

Check out the full festival programme here, and go to page 19 for a Norwegian synopsis of the documentary.

Though the Best Documentary award was won by the US documentary "Strictly Background", the nomination was a great honour and festival organizers told us attendance and reception of EVERY STEP YOU TAKE at the festival was very good. Thank you!

EVERY STEP YOU TAKE screened at WT Os International Film Festival in Norway on November 9, 2007 at 7:30 pm.


The second festival screening of EVERY STEP YOU TAKE in Austria after its world premiere in March 2007 at the Diagonale took place in November 2007 at the Austrian student film festival film:riss 07 in the beautiful town of Salzburg, where director Nino Leitner studied and finished the documentary as his diploma film.

The crew was happy for the festival to screen the film in the town where a lot of the editing and post-production work for the film was done.

Check out the official programme entry here.

EVERY STEP YOU TAKE screened at film:riss 07 in Salzburg (Austria) on November 15, 2007 at 7:00 pm.


EVERY STEP YOU TAKE had its great South American premiere in Brazil at the 31st Mostra - São Paulo International Film Festival back in October 2007!

The festival took place from October 19 - November 1 in the giant metropolis of São Paulo (Brazil). Director Nino Leitner flew all the way around the globe to attend the premiere in Brazil!

According to the official catalogue, Nino Leitner was the youngest filmmaker among all directors having a feature-length film screened at the festival! Over 470 films were screened at the festival.

Check out the interview with director Nino Leitner on the official website of the 31 Mostra Internacional de Cinema (- you have to scroll down a bit, as there are many other interviews on this page as well).

Click here to watch the photo gallery from the exciting Brazilian premiere at this huge film festival!

There were two screening dates for EVERY STEP YOU TAKE (CADA PASSO QUE VOCÊ DÁ):

23/10 at 16:00 at Centro Cultural São Paulo,
24/10 at 19:10 at Cine Pombril Sala 2.

The film was screened with another film in the PROGRAMA DUPLO 3, as part of the INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE section of the festival. A version with electronic Portuguese subtitles was shown to the audiences.

programme entry in English
director entry in English

programme entry in Portuguese
director entry in Portuguese

some photographs © 31a Mostra Internacional de Cinema São Paulo


In October 2007, there was also the Germany premiere of EVERY STEP YOU TAKE in the city of Osnabrück at the 22nd Independent FilmFest Osnabrueck ("22. Unabhängiges FilmFest Osnabrück").

There, the film was screened with German subtitles for the first time. Optional German subtitles are available on the DVD version of the film, which can be ordered now.

EVERY STEP YOU TAKE was one of only a handful of films nominated for the "Friedensfilmpreis" (Peace Film Prize) of the city of Osnabrueck.

The documentary was screened on October 18 at 5:30 pm at the "Kino in der Lagerhalle". Download the full programme right here.

Director Nino Leitner flew in and attended the screening for a Q&A session after the screening. The German audience was very enthusiastic about the film and the Q&A session turned into a vivid discussion about various aspects the film brought up - also because of the fact that Osnabrueck's citizens themselves were facing their own recent installation of the first public video surveillance in the whole town - which of course stirred mixed opinions.

In all, it was a fantastic festival in a perfectly intimate screening environment, with lots of other international screen gems to both please the audience's eyes and fire up interesting discussions among people from everywhere. So don't miss the Osnabrueck Independent FilmFest! It's a perfect insiders' tip.

photos © 22. Unabhängiges FilmFest Osnabrück

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