Friday 27 July 2007

That's a wrap: Cambridge Film Festival 2007

EVERY STEP YOU TAKE had its UK premiere at the 27th Cambridge Film Festival, and it was a great success. The documentary became a runner-up for the audience award, it is in the top ten list of this year's Cambridge Film Festival's most popular films.

Director Nino Leitner was available for a Q&A session right after the screening on July 12. He was confronted with a very interested, yet concerned audience that involved him in an interesting discussion about various aspects on the film.

The Q&A session was recorded in its entirety, you can watch it right here:

"I was very happy to be invited to this prestigious event, which is one of the UK's largest film festivals. The documentary finally reach its intended audience, the British people. The audience's reactions were very positive," states director Nino Leitner, "it really seems like the topic was being seen as underrepresented in British media not just by me".

"I've never before been to a festival that was as filmmaker-friendly as Cambridge Film Festival, the organizers were amazing. I hope to be invited again to Cambridge in the future, it was great fun!"

Please visit the official website of the 27th Cambridge Film Festival for details. Here you find the official festival listing of EVERY STEP YOU TAKE. Here you can find the official programme for this year's Cambridge Film Festival - find the entry for EVERY STEP YOU TAKE on page 46 or right here.

The film was screened on Thursday, July 12, at 4:30 pm, at the Arts Picturehouse in Cambridge.

Last but not least a promo interview with Nino Leitner shot by a CFF staff member before the premiere:


Anonymous said...


Can't wait to see Every Step You Take! Sadly, I live too far away from Cambridge to watch it.

Any plans on a DVD release date yet?

Many thanks,


Nino Leitner said...

Hello Louise,

Thanks for your comment and your interest in the film.

We are currently starting to look into a possible DVD release and and/or a UK TV broadcast later this year, but there is nothing definitive I can tell you ... yet.

Now, as the very successful UK premiere at Cambridge Film Festival is over (check back soon for a report), the next step is to get it broadcast in Britain asap, in order to get a broader discussion on CCTV in the UK going.


Tim Driver said...

Caught the film when it was on in cambridge and thouroughly enjoyed it