Thursday 28 December 2006

For the film, interviews with the following people
were conducted:

• Professor Clive Norris (University of Sheffield, Department of Sociological Studies, Deputy Director of the Centre for Criminological Research, author of "The Maximum Surveillance Society" as well as many other scientific works on CCTV)

• Barry Hugill (spokesman for Liberty, Britain's largest civil rights organisation)

Andy Trotter (Deputy Chief Constable, British Transport Police)

• Professor Lars Mosesson (Solent University, Southampton, Law Institute)

• Mark Smith (Public CCTV Manager, Southampton City Council)

• Dr. Hans Zeger (Austria's leading data protection officer)

Robert Rotfier (Austrian journalist and musician, living in the UK since 1997)

• Paul Smith (Chairman of the the SafeSpeed Campaign)

• James Morris (CEO of Shoreditch Digital Bridge, offers residents of the London Borough of Hackney access to public CCTV cameras in the area via their TVs)

• Robert Gifford (Executive Director of the UK's Parliamentary
Advisory Council for Transport Safety, PACTS

• Professor Dr. Clive Bloom (Emeritus Professor of English and American Studies, Adjunct Professor, University of Notre Dame (London), author of "Violent London" and other best-selling books)

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